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Martial Arts Warrior

Martial arts warrior game is an attractive little piece of free action games
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17 January 2008

Editor's review

Martial arts games and other similar titles have always been regarded as an integral and vital sub-genre of the action-game genre. And rightly so, after all it was titles such as Mortal Combat and Fatal Fox gave the genre an entirely new direction with their unique and innovative gameplay. Ever since the genre defining titles such as the two mentioned above had hit the market and enjoyed immense popularity on a global scale, publishers from virtually all across the world started coming up with their own offerings trying to woo the fan boys of the genre. And the small scale game publishers were no exception in that trend. Keeping in mind the immense popularity enjoyed by these games, Free-Action-Games dished out their own title dubbed Martial Arts Warrior, which, in terms of popularity, has climbed up the ladder really fast within a relatively very short span of its existence.

The interface as well as the controls of Martial Arts Warrior 2.0 is pretty decent and easy to use. In fact, they have been designed in such as way so that even the most technologically inexperienced persons can extract his/her share of the fun from the game. The graphics could have been a little better though - but then, for a game of its stature (a free one), you got to compromise on something. Plus, it’s not that bad either - certainly visually attractive enough to let you have fun with its exciting gameplay without any issues whatsoever! The difficulty level vis-a-vis the strength of the opponents keeps on increasing with every passing levels.

To conclude with, Martial Arts Warrior 2.0 is that sort of a game that does not involve too much of a detailed story or background. Nonetheless, all the in your face action it features, are just more than enough to compensate for any shortcomings it might have Hence it receives a score of four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Martial arts warrior game is an attractive little piece of free action games. You will hardly need any instructions to get ready to play it.
First few seconds playing this game may not seem too difficult. You should know that it does get quite difficult to bring it to the end. Beating all the opponents does get harder and harder. This kind of free action games will push your attention to the limits.
Yes, it is always good to have a game like this on your hard drive. Not many free games are as popular as this one. One really goes “uaau” seeing those games developers are giving give this one away for nothing. OK, the graphic could be better, but hey, it is free.
The Fight for your life kung fu game is here to give you that crucial dosage of required daily action in your life. Do not let others tell you about it, play it yourself.
Martial Arts Warrior
Martial Arts Warrior
Version 2.0
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